Should You Invest In a New Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System? Pros and Cons From Pristine Air H.V.A.C., Experts in Air Conditioner Installation in Cochrane AB

Our team at Pristine Air and H. V. A. C. has years of experience handling air conditioner installation in Cochrane AB. This experience enables us to help our customers make sound decisions on how best to service their air conditioning needs.

Many of our clients struggle to decide whether they should maintain or repair an older, still functioning system or have a new energy-efficient system installed.  While every household or business office has unique features that affect the decision, most of it boils down to costs and benefits.

Repair Now and Replace Later

The US Government estimates that today’s brand new, more efficient air conditioners can save owners between 10 and 20 percent in energy costs. 

That said, according to Home Guide, a new residential air conditioning unit generally costs between $3,300 and almost $6,000. Businesses will often find the cost significantly higher, depending on the size of the area that requires cooling.

Lack of affordability can prevent you from buying a new unit. That said, you can perform a number of simple and often cost-free methods to keep an old air conditioner running in the most efficient manner possible.

We agree that the following hacks can keep an old air conditioner running more efficiently, especially if you have noticed a decline.

  • Make sure the AC unit sits in shade all or most of the day
  • Clean and replace filters as directed
  • Keep heat-producing appliances away from the thermostat
  • Keep the thermostat as high as is consistent with personal comfort and other needs
  • Weatherize your home for better efficiency in all seasons
  • Keep debris away from the unit to maintain proper airflow
  • Switch ceiling fans to counter-clockwise in the summer to push cool air down. Reverse for colder times of the year
  • Save energy with window film

We will also send a technician to examine your AC unit to see if repairs or other measures can restore original efficiency levels.

Potentially Save in Long Term With Energy-Efficient Models

Newer air conditioners do offer a wealth of benefits to those who can afford to purchase them.

First, more efficient running leads to longer equipment life spans. Internal machinery does not need to run as hard and should last longer in most cases. 

They carry precise cooling technology that reacts more sensitively to changes in temperatures inside and out. Also, Internet of Things technology will allow owners to adjust the home temperature while away from home. You could keep the temperature at 80 degrees and save energy costs when not home, then bring the temperature down in plenty of time before you walk through the door.

Improved and more efficient airflow from a new system also prevents concentrations of dirt, mold, and other potential toxins indoors. Experts say that inefficiently vented indoor air can create more hazards than outdoor air.

Our Recommendation

Each building owner, whether residential or business, must balance the needs of his or her budget against the decision to purchase a new system. This means figuring up the potential savings from a newer unit against its cost. You also should factor in savings from basic maintenance and attention to your older system, if you have not yet performed these tasks. 

While we understand that new air conditioners will save in the long run, we also recommend that if you cannot buy new, call us today.  We can check on your air conditioner, make needed repairs, and offer more tips on keeping it running efficiently. 

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